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What are the lot sizes Cayo Ranch offers?

buy amoxicillin for dogs Answer: Lot sizes in Cayo Ranch range from 292m2 – 1,810m2 (3,140sqft – 19,457sqft). Our lots are roughly 2x’s – 9x’s larger than other lots in neighboring developments giving you more space to build and relax than any other development available in the area.

What are the price ranges of lots in Cayo Ranch?

source site Answer: Lot prices range from only $34m2 – $69m2. To give a comparison, lot prices in other neighboring development range from $110m2-$225m2 so you can get a true sense of the value Cayo Ranch offers you.

How easy is it to purchase a lot in Cayo Ranch?

where can i buy finasteride from Answer: It is surprisingly easy to purchase your lot in Cayo Ranch. We have everything set up so that you don’t even need to be in Ecuador to secure your investment. We will email you a contract that secures your purchase fully. Simply sign it electronically and email it back to us along with a copy of your passport and drivers license or other photo ID. Once you have signed your contract then you will wire your deposit and your lot will be reserved. You then have 30days from notification that your lot is ready for transfer to make your wire transfer for the balance of your lot payment. (If you run past the 30days then your lot reserve may be open to purchase by another party.)

For your original deed to be registered fully in your name you will either need to come to Ecuador to sign directly or we may also set up a POA (power of attorney) for you so that we can handle it for you without you having to make the trip personally. As you can see, we are here to make it as easy as possible for you to make your dreams a reality and we will do anything we can to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Where is Cayo Ranch located?

Answer: Cayo Ranch is located on the North side of Puerto Cayo. The town of Puerto Cayo is roughly a 5-10min drive for basic supplies, grocery, restaurants, and emergency medical clinic. If you prefer more shopping and city amenities then the major city of Manta is located only about 35-45min North along a beautiful scenic ocean drive.

Do you offer lot financing?

Answer: With the lot prices at Cayo Ranch being so affordable, we are not offering financing at this time.

How safe is the area?

Answer: Puerto Cayo and the surrounding areas are very safe. But just to make you feel better Cayo Ranch employs a 24hr guardian who lives on site at the front gate. Because Cayo Ranch is a smaller development it also gives you the ability to know all of your neighbors and feel even more comfortable in your surroundings.

Can I see the ocean from my home site?

Answer: Most owners will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains from their 2nd floor and rooftop terraces. The layout and design of Cayo Ranch gives our residents beautiful views of the mountains to the East and the blue of the Ocean to the West. The best way to describe it is Arizona with an ocean view!

How far is the beach from Cayo Ranch?

Answer: The beach access is right across the street and a short walk away. There are also numerous other beaches within in a short drive away if you feel like exploring!

What is the weather like in the area?

Answer: This area of Ecuador has 2 main seasons; the wet season and the dry season. From December to June is the wet season and when most of our rainfall occurs. But surprisingly it is also the sunniest time as well with most of the rainfall being over night. The trees and foliage all become bright and the days are beautiful with barely a cloud in the sky. About the time you are tired of all the sun, the dry season kicks in from June to early December with more cloudy days, cooler temperatures and very little rainfall. The nice thing about Puerto Cayo is that you still get a mix of the seasons with plenty of sun and great weather!

What will the HOA fees be?

The estimated HOA fees will only be $40 per lot and will be paid in full at the first of every year ($480 total) Once the HOA is turned over completely to the residents then this fee may be lowered or raised with a majority vote. The HOA fee will cover all the basic maintenance of the community including the community areas as well as the monthly wage for the 24hr community guardian and the groundskeeper.

Are there height restrictions when building a home?

Answer: You may build up to 3 full stories and you may also add a rooftop terrace for your enjoyment!

Are there any restrictions with building materials or types of homes to build?

Answer: In an effort to keep Cayo Ranch in the higher quality division that it is, we ask that all homes be made of cement block construction,brick or similar style. We do not allow bamboo construction or container homes. This also includes personal care taker homes if you decide to build one on your property.