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About Cayo Ranch

Your personal ranch by the sea.

Southwestern and beach fusion

http://myownclarity.com/why-i-like-teenagers/ Cayo Ranch is a beautiful mix of that Southwestern scenic charm that welcomes you in and the beach life that washes away your troubles. The entire area is surrounded by plenty of lush green foliage, mountain and ocean vistas, and plenty of the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for. It is the perfect harmony that creates the perfect place to settle down or that perfect getaway vacation home.

Exclusivity and small town feel

http://pdkllc.com/ringmaster-tri-1135-230/embed/ Cayo Ranch is an exclusive community with only 92 lots available for sale compared to other neighboring projects with over 1,400 lots. This means that Cayo Ranch offers you more of the peace and quiet you are looking for. For example when you wish to enjoy the relaxation of the custom community pool area you will not have to share it with hundreds of other families. With such a small tight knit community you also have the great pleasure of getting to know all of your neighbors. After all, what is such a great community without great friends and neighbors to enjoy it with?

Location rich

http://rodpriceadventure.com/rods-blog/page/10/ Cayo Ranch is located in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador and sits just north of town amongst the natural foliage and terrain providing the residents the ability to relax in peace and quiet and still be close to all the amenities. From the beach in Puerto Cayo which is just a short walk away, you can watch the whales as they migrate each year. The major city of Manta is just to the North and allows for a gorgeous drive up the coast to the nearest airport, shopping malls and name-brand stores.

Developers you can trust

The majority owner after completing his Building Surveying Degree went into development in 2004 in Cornwall UK. During this time he was involved in 2 Hotels, Restaurant, Bar, Surf School, commercial retail, renovations, commercial and residential development ranging from high end luxury apartments to affordable flats for the first time buyers.

After many years in South America and spending much time in Ecuador he started Cayo ranch. His business partner from the Uk also has been involved in property conversions and renovations for the past 12 years. The third member of the team and project manager is a US expat who has been doing real estate and investment business in Ecuador for over 5yrs and has a solid track record of success.

Together this trio has followed their simple plan of providing more for less and created an exclusive community unlike anything else currently in the area. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor and dedication to excellence!